Domingo: My Operatic Roles ~ by Helena Matheopoulos and Placido Domingo

Domingo: My Operatic Roles ~ by Helena Matheopoulos and Placido Domingo

In this must-read book, Placido Domingo and Helena Matheopoulos offer an insider's tour of the life of the celebrated tenor, viewed through the lens of his performances.

The collaboration between an acclaimed biographer who is passionate about her subject and the great tenor, who is passionate about his art, has produced a book that instructs while it entertains. Here, Placido Domingo, the great singing actor and master musician freely shares his insights and relives the inspiration that helped him reach the top of his profession, while his biographer skillfully reconstructs the circumstances that nurtured or challenged him, adding fascinating glimpses of the important people in his life.

To launch this important book, Placido Domingo conducted a well-attended book signing at the Metropolitan Opera Bookstore on April 2, 2003.

Inside Placido Domingo's Performances

In this book, Placido Domingo and Helena Matheopoulos explore the famous roles from the perspective of the great artist. Along the way, we gain insight into the inner workings of Domingo himself through his approach to his performances. It is a must-read for artists and performers, for lovers of the arts, and for all who see life as a challenge to be embraced.

Critical Acclaim for Domingo: My Operatic Roles

“...A portrait of the artist in his own words, through his own portrayals of the various operatic heroes... straightforward, a chronological traversal of the tenor’s sixty-two major roles.” – Opera News, August 2003

"This book is valuable not only for today’s opera lovers but also for future generations, because in it Placido explains how he got to where he wanted to go, often step by hard-working step. At the beginning of his career people were alarmed that he seemed unable to say “no” to certain challenges. Upon retrospect, let’s be glad that he preferred “yes.” Opera has been richer for it." – From the preface by Beverly Sills

About the Author: Helena Matheopoulos

Helena Matheopoulos is the author of Maestro: Encounters with Conductors of Today which was named Music Book of the Year by Stereo Review; Bravo: Today’s Tenors, Baritones and Basses Discuss Their Roles; Diva: Great Sopranos and Mezzos Discuss Their Art; Diva-The New Generation; The Great Tenors; and a biography of King Juan Carlos of Spain.  She worked as a journalist for ten years and from 1991 to 1996 she was Artistic Consultant to the Athens Megaron and is currently Director of Vocal Projects for the Philharmonia Orchestra in London.

Domingo: My Operatic Roles

The sixth book in Baskerville's Great Voices series includes a color photo insert, chronology, and complete discography.

280 pages, 6x9 hardcover, with 32 pages of photos

Biography by Helena Matheopoulos with reminiscence and analysis in the tenor's own words.

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