George London: Of Gods and Demons ~ by Nora London

George London: Of Gods and Demons ~ by Nora London

George London combined a great voice, superb musicianship, and a commanding stage presence as few singers ever have. Written by his wife, Nora London, this new biography chronicles the life of a talented, driven man who fell in love with opera as a boy, and achieved greatness not only in America, but also all over the world. Yet the book does not shy away from the difficulties of his youth, the troubles with his voice that ended his singing career prematurely, nor his tragic last years.

When George London could no longer sing, he committed himself with the same complete devotion to involvement with several opera organizations. In particular, remembering his own early struggles, he instituted grant programs that assisted promising singers who continue to grace the stages of the most important opera houses. This is the story of an exemplary life and career well told by the person who knew him best.

George London: Of Gods and Demons

Number Nine in Baskerville’s Great Voices series, the book includes a music CD with rare live recordings of George London. In addition there are 24 pages of photographs, many previously unseen. The chronology and discography are definitive and there is an index of names.

6x9 hardcover, 225 pages + Discography + 24 pages of photos

Includes a music CD featuring rare recordings of live performances

Praise for George London

“George London’s career was indeed meteoric and deservedly so.” – from the introduction by H. C. Robbins Landon

“…The greatest singing actor of our time.” – Virgil Thompson

About the Author: Nora London

Nora London is the president of the George London Foundation for Singers, which gives annual awards in excess of $50,000 to opera singers in the early stages of their careers. She is honorary president of the George London – Stiftung, a Viennese Foundation that helps young singers. She has written many articles about London’s performances, and about opera competitions and career development for singers. This is her second book.

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