Rise Stevens: A Life in Music ~ by John Pennino

Rise Stevens: A Life in Music ~ by John Pennino

Risë Stevens was a force of nature on the stage. From her humble beginnings in New York, Stevens' talent, determination and heart helped her rise up to perform on the greatest stages all over the world. Whether she was on the radio, television, the silver screen, or stunning audiences at the Met, her vocal presence was unforgettable. In Carmen, Risë Stevens ascended to the level of legendary performers.

Risë Stevens: A Life in Music

In this tenth addition to our Great Voices series, the life and career of another of opera's great talents, Risë Stevens, is chronicled to be shared with all. Stevens was a star who will always be one of our “great voices.” The author, John Pennino, has taken special care to document her amazing life, struggles and achievements. Included in this biography are 48 pages of photographs, a detailed chronology, discography, and a music CD featuring rare recordings.

6x9 hardcover, 342 pages + dDiscography + 48 pages of photos

Includes a music CD featuring rare recordings of live performances

Praise for Risë Stevens

"Readers of Risë's biography can be assured that the account they are about to enjoy will be accurate, well-documented, perceptive and entertaining." – Astrid Varnay

"She did not merely step into the part and give a carbon copy of hundreds of Carmens before her. She gave all parts of it her careful consideration." – Jo Mottola

About the Author: John Pennino

Opera has been a lifelong interest for John Pennino. With professional musicians in his family, John was surrounded by the classics both symphonic and operatic. Music literature was plentiful at his home, with Pennino’s father being an amateur pianist. He was taken to his first “live” opera as a child – Carmen with Risë Stevens. John Pennino continues to live and work in New York City.

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