The Land Between ~ by Cathryn Hankla

The Land Between ~ by Cathryn Hankla

Moira is about to join her husband in California (he's a top scientist listening for signals from deep space), but before leaving her Southwest Virginia property she lets some cavers explore her land in search of the cavern that legend has placed nearby. The cavers find much more than they bargained for as they're drawn below, while in a strange counterpoint, two thousand miles away, vaguely familiar sounds are being transmitted from deep within a hill near Moira's California home.

Characters in The Land Between are propelled by personal quests to places where the life they knew must give way to another way of being. Yet where are they coming from and why do they feel they must go there? These questions unsettle us, but in order to grasp the answers it is not enough merely to read this book, it must be entered, as a dream.

Critical Acclaim for The Land Between

"Cathryn Hankla’s The Land Between is a resonant blend of the real and the magical, the mundane and the legendary – as intricately made and unique as a snowflake." – Madison Smartt Bell, author of All Soul’s Rising

"…funny, moving, full of spare but sensuous language and characters and scenes that linger in the mind long after the ending, an ending which is a marvel in itself. I urge anyone who believes that literature still matters and that it can remind us why we must not lose faith in one another to read this book.” – Wayne Johnston, author of The Navigator of New York

About the Author: Cathryn Hankla

Cathryn Hankla is Professor of English at Hollins University and Poetry Editor of The Hollins Critic. She has published several volumes of poetry and fiction, including Texas School Book Depository (A finalist for the Virginia Poetry Prize), Negative History, Emerald City Blues, Poems for the Pardoned, and a previous novel, A Blue Moon in Poorwater. She has received a PEN Syndicated fiction prize, and a grant from the Virginia Commission for the Arts in Poetry. In researching for The Land Between, she traveled and hiked extensively in the American Southwest and Southern California. She makes her home near the real Murder Hole in the Catawba Valley of Virginia.

The Land Between: A Novel by Cathryn Hankla

Literary fiction, 260 pages, 6x9 hardcover

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