Fairy Tale ~ by Walt Foreman

Fairy Tale ~ by Walt Foreman

A writer goes on a pilgrimage against his will and is guided by a has-been Elvis impersonator who has no interest in being his guide. The writer merely wishes to get back to California and the woman he loves, but is instead stranded in rural Tennessee with his guide and an alcoholic tow-truck driver who sells life insurance and brews his own beer.

The little stories in this book jump all over the place, yet it’s most accessible, and the impossible quest in it is… well, was ever a quest more heroic than our hero’s when, treed by a polar bear, he seeks his lost love by following a man in a wetsuit down a frozen river? This isn’t a book for the whole family, but it is a book in the family way: the author is writing to impress a woman named Abigail who slipped the chain. She’s the reason his tongue is hanging out, but he aggressively nuzzles the Queen of Television all the same…without stooping.

The author is also obsessed with Tristram Shandy (in a very nice way) which accounts for his book’s all-black page and its several all-white ones. His publisher, too, is breaking all the rules with this book, because in novel-writing, as in love, there has to be a first time. Black-and-white adventure!

280 pages, 6x9 hardcover


Critical Acclaim

"...charismatically witty. A work intended by God for the comfort of mankind." – Kirkus Reviews

"With Fairy Tale, Walt Foreman has picked up where Dante thought he left off, outdone Laurence Sterne in ingenious absurdism, discovered vulgarities that never occurred to Rabelais, and harried the progress of John Bunyan's Pilgrim all the way into the twenty-first century. Half genius, half madman, Foreman climbs the ladder of this novel to the pantheon of lovelorn literati—in four centuries no writer has pled a more passionate case to his beloved. Hilarious, ridiculous, and heartbreaking by turns, the extravaganza of Fairy Tale is something no reader can resist or forget." – Madison Smartt Bell, author of All Soul’s Rising

"Fairy Tale is brilliant because of its eccentricities and overindulgences. Part novel, part every other form it’s the most passionate account of a man writing about rejected love that I’ve read in many years. At times I wanted to say “Enough, already, Foreman; let the gal go. Nobody is worth such pain and grievance and embarrassment, except perhaps to act as the muse for you to produce a novel as beautiful and original and good as this one.” Walt Foreman succeeds where myriads of writers have failed, to go on and on with his obsession till the reader’s totally exhausted by it but is thankful he read the work because of the powerful experience accrued from it." – Stephen Dixon, author of I

About the Author

Walt Foreman has been writing every day for the past eleven years leading up to publication: fifteen feature screenplays, ten short screenplays, six teleplays, a full-length play, three novellas, Fairy Tale, and two hundred or so short stories. He’s an English professor at three Los Angeles area colleges. He holds an M.A. in Creative Writing from Johns Hopkins and an M.F.A. in Screen and Television Writing from U.S.C.

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