How I Became a Fisherman Named Pete ~ by David Spencer

How I Became a Fisherman Named Pete ~ by David Spencer

A young, low-level manager for a freight-forwarding firm becomes the victim of a scheming subordinate and begins to imagine that the police are after him. He sets off to make a new life for himself with no talent, few abilities, very little money, and lots of heart.

Critical Acclaim for How I Became a Fisherman Named Pete

“Disarmingly simple, despite its hairpin twists and buried secrets: Spencer manages to convey the real wonder of discovering life for the first time.” – Kirkus Reviews, March 2003

"The lucid style and unpretentious simplicity of David Spencer's novel is reminiscent of the great Russians, Checkhov especially." – Madison Smartt Bell, author of All Souls' Rising

"David Spencer's How I Became a Fisherman Named Pete has such a clarity and energy and richness of character and prose that the story has an importance and presence in my mind long after I finished the book. It's an old-fashioned narrative in the very best sense – amazing for a first novel, any novel – with an authenticity and authority of voice which lifts off the page." – Susan Richards Shreve, author of Plum and Jaggers

How I Became a Fisherman Named Pete: A Novel by David Spencer

Literary fiction, 6x9 hardcover, 285 pages

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