The Sweet-Scented Manuscript ~ by Tito Perdue

The Sweet-Scented Manuscript ~ by Tito Perdue

In the mid-fifties, a young Alabaman goes north to be educated at a progressive school (modeled on Antioch College) and falls in love with a beautiful, well-regarded coed…

Yes, it’s a tender love story, and sweet, though the young Alabaman, Lee Pefley, is the same prickly character we know from The New Austerities and Lee, books that have established him as a singular figure in American literature — possibly the angriest, certainly one of the most convincing voices expressing outrage over the decadence of our times.

One need not have read the later books about Lee Pefley to enjoy the story of his life as a young man, his first job, his first love, his first experience of life away from home among people who do not share his values, do not even understand him sometimes. Confusion never reigns, however; in finding its way, love insists and is accepted, flooding these pages with wonder. The experiences in this book, the people and situations, are utterly unique, but the reader will not pull back from them for having too closely identified. The innocent exuberance in these pages is infectious, and as with all great love stories, patience is rewarded — all the more handsomely because Tito Perdue writes so evocatively of this vanished time, so wisely about differences of age, background and culture, and so movingly of feelings that are timeless.

Critical Acclaim for the Sweet-Scented Manuscript

“Tito Perdue is, without question, one of the most important contemporary Southern writers we have — and should be considered among the most important American writers of the early 21st century. This new novel of his is an absolute delight.” – Jim Knipfel, in the New York Press (titled: “Tito Perdue: America’s Lost Literary Genius”)

About the Author: Tito Perdue

Tito Perdue earned a BA from the University of Texas Austin, a MLS and MA from Indiana University. Since 1983, he has devoted his time to writing—eight novels of which three have been published: LEE (1991 Four Walls Eight Windows, NY); The New Austeries (1991, Peachtree, GA); Opportunities in Alabama Agriculture (1994, Baskerville, TX). He currently lives on his mother's ancestral land that was homesteaded in 1822 by his great-great-grandfather, a member of General Andrew Jackson's bodyguard.

The Sweet-Scented Manuscript: A Novel by Tito Perdue

Literary fiction, 313 pages, 6 x 9 paperback

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