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Baskerville Publishers has ceased operations due to the passing of its owner, Ronald Moore. Our website is no longer open for purchases. The Baskerville team is grateful to all of you who have supported our mission to publish quality books for lovers of the arts, humanities, and literary fiction, and we wish you a life full of literary richness and human kindness.


The content below, and all contents of this website, are preserved here as an archive, and no longer active since the business has closed.

8 Voices: Contemporary Poetry from the American Southwest

8 VoicesBaskerville Publishers is pleased to announce the release of 8 Voices: Contemporary Poetry of the American Southwest. Eight poets were selected whose work clearly demonstrates that the contemporary poetry of the southwest moves far beyond the “regional” to the universal, while not losing a sense of place.

Tom Sleigh writes of the book, “these poems are wonderfully idiosyncratic voices as cosmopolitan as they are rooted in what Seamus Heaney once called ‘the music of what happens’…  The region that unites them is the republic of memorable speech.” Dan Williams, editor of 8 Voices, concludes his introduction, “I have gained much becoming acquainted with the poems included in this volume, and I feel privileged to have read and selected them.  I believe anyone who picks up this volume will feel the same.”

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The Red Sea: New & Selected Poems by Stephen Edgar

The Red SeaStephen Edgar is well known as a poet in his home country of Australia. He has published seven collections of poetry, for which he has won several prestigious awards, yet he is hardly known outside his country. The commercial difficulty of exporting books of poetry (read: no profit margin) has precluded Americans and Europeans from reading him except in magazine reviews. This book intends to correct that deficit by presenting new poetry and selections from his earlier work, all previously unavailable in the United States or Europe.

As Clive James said, “Models of plain speech even at their most eloquent, his poems are more sheerly beautiful from moment to moment than those of any other modern poet I can think of.”

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Other Recent Books from Baskerville

Samuel Ramey

Baskerville Publishers is pleased to announce the release of the eleventh title in our popular Great Voices series, Samuel Ramey: American Bass. Rising from humble beginnings, Ramey rose to international opera stardom, dominating the American and European stages with his unique blend of musicality, masculinity, and dramatic virtuosity. This biography includes 80 pages of photographs, an audio CD and an intriguing “Sound Bites” section by Ramey himself.

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Tebaldi: The Voice of an Angel (Revised 2nd Edition) ~ by Carlamaria Casanova

The passing of the great soprano, Renata Tebaldi, has occasioned the release of an enhanced edition of her biography. Additional information about her life, letters, reminiscences by many of her colleagues, and honors she received are included. Also of interest to collectors are sixteen pages of new photographs. Baskerville Publishers is proud to bring you this revised and expanded second edition of this, the second book in our Great Voices series, available on our website at a 10% discount off the cover price.

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Mario Lanza: An American Tragedy (2nd Edition) ~ by Armando Cesari

Another popular recent title is Mario Lanza: An American Tragedy (Revised Second Edition), by Armando Cesari with a preface by Placido Domingo. As the culmination of thirty years of research and writing, Lanza is the definitive biography of one of the twentieth century’s greatest tenors and one of opera’s greatest tragedies. The book includes an audio CD with rare recordings. “His magnificent voice enriched our lives and introduced us to a wide spectrum of classical and popular music.” – José Carreras

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After Franco Corelli’s unfortunate death, this biography has been completely rewritten and expanded. Unrivaled in his time as Caruso was before him, Corelli lived an ascetic life away from the theatre, pushing himself relentlessly to gain complete mastery of his voice, reaching new frontiers of technical virtuosity. Ms. Boagno clears up mysteries and misunderstandings that arose throughout Corelli’s career, revealing much about the man along the way. Corelli is a frank celebration of a voice that defined a period of operatic history, and of a man who lived his life for art, whose example is another important aspect of his legacy.

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Other Titles from Baskerville Publishers

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