The Fat Friend ~ by Julie Edelson

The Fat Friend ~ by Julie Edelson

This novel tackles a subject dear to the heart of the masses and the merchandisers who cater to them: obesity; how we are shaped by our shape, and what happens when we try to reshape our too-too solid flesh in some ideal image.

What happens is not what you think; this is, after all, a book by Julie Edelson. Rigorous in its thematic development, spinning the children’s stories that reflect a heritage that has us all stewing in the same juices or melting in the same pot, Edelson bobs and weaves, nips and tucks all over the place, until her two main characters—especially Tru, the fat friend—have changed forever our thinking about what we seem, what we are, and what we ought to be. Within the confines of a caring, supportive friendship, questions about appearance and identity loom large, and their answers, at the end of the journey, are a shock to the system.

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Critical Acclaim for The Fat Friend

“Rip-roaring style… a hoot to read.” – Greensboro (NC) News & Record

About the Author: Julie Edelson

Originally from Brooklyn, N.Y., Julie Edelson earned her BA from Sarah Lawrence College and her PhD in Comparative Literature from Cornell University. She has published three novels: No News is Good News (North Point 1986), Bad Housekeeping (Baskerville 1996) and Courting Disaster (Zoland 1999). She currently is a writer, editor and researcher at Wake Forest University.

The Fat Friend: A Novel by Julie Edelson

Literary fiction, 6x9 paperback, 224 pages

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