Corelli: A Man, a Voice (Revised 2nd Edition) ~ by Marina Boagno

Corelli: A Man, a Voice (Revised 2nd Edition) ~ by Marina Boagno

Following Franco Corelli's unfortunate death, this book has been completely rewritten, revised, and expanded.

Unrivaled in his time as Caruso was before him, yet unlike his great predecessor, Franco Corelli lived an ascetic life away from the theatre, pushing himself relentlessly to gain complete mastery of his voice, again and again reaching new frontiers of technical virtuosity.

In this biography, Marina Boagno clears up the mysteries and misunderstandings that arose throughout Franco Corelli's career, revealing much about the man along the way. This book and the record it encloses are a frank celebration of a voice that defined a period of operatic history, a voice that will always be an inspiration to people who love singing or want to sing themselves — and of a man who lived his life for art, whose example is another important aspect of his legacy.

Corelli: A Man, a Voice (Revised Second Edition), a Biography of Franco Corelli by Marina Boagno

Number five in Baskerville’s Great Voices series, the volume contains a CD with rare live recordings of Franco Corelli. In addition, there are 80 pages of photographs and a chronology and discography.

6x9 Hardcover. 306 pages + Discography + 80 pages of photos + CD

Includes an audio CD featuring rare recordings of live performances

Praise for Franco Corelli

"His voice, with that beauty and security singing the highest notes has always had a tremendous effect on me… It was such a marvelous thing. And in order to do it, a tenor with a voice so big and powerful, it means that besides having great qualities, he has worked very hard. Therefore, I have the greatest respect for him." - MIRELLA FRENI

“He was fantastic, because in every note that he sang one heard passion and suffering, which are the same thing, because passion is full of suffering… I wish I could have seen Corelli just once on stage. When they say class, that was class. When they say voice, that was a voice." - GRACE BUMBRY

About the Author: Marina Boagno

Marina Boagno was born in the industrial city of Savona (not far from Genoa). A graduate of Genoa University in political science and history as well as a triple laureate in language, literature and poetry, she has written and published a bigrophy of Ettore Bastianini (Azzali) and is presently writing another on Nicolai Ghiaurov. In addition she has published several novels and is an English translator for Mondadori. She lives in Milan with her two grown sons.

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